Where to stay in BALER, Aurora? – Aliya Surf Camp and Resort Review

Been craving for a new activity to try? or just want to hop on that surfboard again and be splashed with the waves?

We know your answer is a BIG YES!


Baler is considered one of the Best Places to Surf in the Philippines according to Philippine Primer second to Siargao. A 5 to 6-hour drive from manila, the peaceful town of Baler can be workaholics’ escape from all their weekdays stress.

But wait, what about a place to stay? In this blog post, we will be sharing our experience when we got the chance to stay at the resort that is popular among local artists and tourists.






  • Via Commute from Manila:

From Cubao, ride the GENESIS TRANSPORT SERVICE BUS that goes directly to Baler. Ask the driver to drop you off at the terminal near the PUBLIC MARKET.


  1. Regular Air-conditioned bus – Around Php 450 each
  2. Joy Bus (Deluxe) – Around Php 700 each (non-stop bus service that includes snacks, Free Wifi, Morning Kit, Pillows and Blanket for sleeping)

Check this link for the schedule: Genesis Bus Schedules

From the Public Market, ride a tricycle and tell the driver to you off at Aliya Surf Camp and Resort.

  • Via Private Car

Baler can easily be accessed using WAZE or GOOGLE MAPS when you plan to go with your own car. Input “Aliya Surf Camp and Resort” and you’re good to go!



  • Infinity Pool

One of the highlights of this resort is their simple yet eye-catching infinity pool. If you’re not a fan of the beach but still want to dip into the waters, this is the perfect place for you!



  • Restaurant

Has a wide variety of scrumptious and mouth-watering dishes. Don’t forget to try their PAKO (Seaweed) Salad, it was recommended by the famous byahero Drew Arellano.



  • Veranda

Overlooking the whole beach, their veranda is the perfect place to wake up in the morning and catch the sunrise slowly appearing from the sea.



  • Entertainment Room

With complete set of musical instruments for band jamming, flat screen TV for watching a movie and a foosball table for the gamers.

DID YOU KNOW: Ely Buendia already played their songs here? One more reason to stay here is the free meet up with celebrities! 



  • Rooms

Comfortable beds and air conditioned rooms just enough for you to relax after an exhausting surf at the beach.



Room Rates:

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Standard – good for 3 pax


Inclusions – Free breakfast, Free use of infinity pool, Free entrance to entertainment room, Bottled waters, Soap and Shampoo, Dental Kit

  • Good for 2 pax
    • Double Standard – Php 2688
    • Twin – Php 2688
    • Couple – Php 2688
    • Beachfront Double – Php 4480
  • Good for 3 pax
    • Standard – Php 2688
    • Triple – Php 3920
    • Triple Deluxe – Php 3920
  • Good for 4 pax
    • Quad – Php 3584
    • Quad Deluxe – Php 4480
    • Double – Php 3500
    • Quad Standard – Php 4480
    • Beachfront Quad – Php 5600
  • Good for 6 pax
    • Family – Php 4256
    • Family Deluxe – Php 4704
  • Good for 7 pax
    • Barkada – Php 5376
  • Nipa Huts – Php 2016

Note that rates are higher on holidays

Aliya Surf School Rate:

  • Surf Lessons – Php 350/head with instructor and board rental
  • Surf Board Rental – Php 200 to Php 800 (2 to 8 hours)

Restaurant Rates:

  • Menu offers delicous food from appetizers to desserts as well as Alcoholic beverages (Beer, Wine, Brandy etc..)
    • Price Range Php 100 to Php 300



Reservations are advised when planning to stay in peak seasons.



  • D elightful Vibe –  √ √ √ √ √
  • O utstanding Amenities –  √ √ √ √
  • C ompetitive Rates –  √ √ √ √
  • A ccessible Area –  √ √ √ √
  • H elpful Staffs – √ √ √ √

Overall, our stay at Aliya Surf Camp and Resort was a big THUMBS UP and we will definitely come back here when we get the chance to visit again BALER, AURORA.



Whenever you feel down and lonely, visit the sea.



Hope this helps!


Take a risk, go to an adventure.

Till our next,

Doc and Cah

CAFEÑO : A heritage house turned CAFE in San Juan, Batangas (Review)

Aren’t we all suckers for coffee shops that have great ambiance and of course best selection of scrumptious dishes? This cafe offers both!

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CAFEÑO is a heritage house from the year 1890 of Apolonio Marasigan and Araceli Lecaroz.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Their beautiful home eventually turned into a CAFE in 2006 and since then people traveling to Batangas or even locals of Batangas stop here for a taste of their famous BARAKO KONDENSADA.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset  Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Want more details about this cafe? 


  • Contact Number – 0917 631 3192
  • Location – 9 Corner Gen. Luna and Rizal Street
    San Juan, Batangas 4226
  • Opening hours – 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Facebook Page – Cafeno Cafe




  • The feeling of riding a time machine and being transported back in time will be your first reaction upon entering this cafe.
  • Walls are filled with Beautiful Artworks from local artists and Photos from the past.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

  • Great selection of vintage pieces make this cafe definitely look like you are still in the 1890s.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

  • Can you imagine having a sewing machine as your dining table? Can’t get over this unique idea!



  • This cafe offers dishes which includes Batangas’ specialties like Tulingan (tastiest fish in this area) and Tapa.
  • Can’t forget how tasty these dishes are!

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset  Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Longganisa Quesadillas, Fried Fish Strips (Tulingan)-175 pesos

Steamed Coconut Wrap-175 pesos

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

  • Affordable meals without compromising the perfect blend of its flavors



  • Coffee for as low as 55 pesos? You can never imagine a restaurant this beautiful will sell their coffee at 55 pesos only.
  • Price range of their drinks : 45 to 100 pesos only

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset  Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Do not forget to have a taste of their best seller:

the famous BARAKO KONDENSADA for only 85 pesos 



  • This cafe has an organic farm where they get all their greens needed for their menus. You can guarantee the freshness and great taste of their dishes whenever you order.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset  Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

  • They also have BUNS by Cafeno which offers freshly baked homemade breads perfect to partner with your BARAKO Coffee.



  • Its always nice to see locals helping locals promote their items.
  • Cafeno makes sure not only to sell their own goods but also support their fellow locals present their amazing talents.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Feel free to read and purchase these books when you visit Cafeno

Processed with VSCO with c8 presetRates: 1 Book – 100 pesos, 2 Books – 150 pesos, 3 Books – 175 pesos



Photo grabbed from Cafeno Facebook Page
  • We truly believe in preserving the environment. Change starts when we put our hearts and minds into it.
  • Applying it to your businesses already makes a huge impact in this work. It is truly touching to see a simple movement like this today, can have a big change in the future. A BIG PLUS FOR CAFENO!

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset  Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

If you are planning to have an event, CAFENO also offers an events place called Cafeno Outdoors good for 15 pax for rent.

For list of packages including buffet menu, kindly contact them at the details below.


  • Contact Number – 0917 631 3192
  • Location – 9 Corner Gen. Luna and Rizal Street
    San Juan, Batangas 4226
  • Opening hours – 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Facebook Page – Cafeno Cafe



Processed with VSCO with c8 preset  Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Feel free to comment your inquiries

For more cafe reviews, read also:

Take a risk, go to an adventure


Till our next,

Doc and Cah

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DIY Travel to GIG: Gigantes + Iloilo City + Guimaras (FULL Itinerary and Expenses)

Have you ever tried booking a flight just because of the temptation of SEAT SALE? No plans on where to go or how much money to bring? Admit it!

Better viewing of this blogpost on desktop

In this post, we will share with you our experiences and TIPS when we booked a flight to ILOILO CITY just a month before our anniversary without any plans.

how to get to guimaras   Gigantes Island Tour package

Iloilo City is located at the center of the Philippines specifically on Panay Island. This province is rich in natural wonders like Falls, Beaches and Mountains. It is also known for having lots of FRESH SEAFOODS perfect to pair with the island bumming.

Guimaras resorts

There are lots of places near Iloilo City that you can visit. In our case, since we already explored BACOLOD (which most bloggers include when they visit Iloilo), check it here, why not do a GIG

(Gigantes Island-Iloilo City-Guimaras) DIY Travel instead.

Best mango in the philippines




With some research and tight budget, we were able to accomplish this 5-day itinerary which will incredibly give you the taste of great experiences in this 3 beautiful places in the Philippines.

Ready for some GIG adventures? LET’S GO!




  • Via Airhow to get to iloilo

There are more than 22 flights per day from Manila to Iloilo and takes about 1 hour. What’s more great is that Iloilo is almost always included in SEAT SALES!

Airlines that offer flights from Manila to Iloilo:

  1. Philippine Airlines
  2. Cebu Pacific Air
  3. Air Asia Ph

We were able to book our flight when AIR ASIA launched for the first time their flights to Iloilo. Snatched a flight which costs 999 pesos one-way each person.

For other ways to get to Iloilo. Check this detailed guide.

DAY 1:


Before you proceed, here’s 10 Amazing discoveries at Gigantes Island that will make you want to visit it immediately.

To get to Gigantes Island from Iloilo Airport:

  • Ride a taxi to Ceres Bus Terminal (or you can ride a shuttle leading you to the city)
  • Ride a Bus going to Carles Port (sign board: ESTANCIA) and drop off at Bancal Port
  • Travel time is 3 to 4 hours

how to go to gigantes island   gigantes island packages

Once you’ve arrived at Bancal Port, pay for the environmental fee and boat charge going to Gigantes Island. From here, you can already pick where you want to stay or places you want to go. We picked this Inn to be our home for the next 3 days:

Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn

You can message them directly for reservations.

tree houses in the philippines  where to stay in gigantes

Package we availed for 3665 pesos each includes:

  • 3 days and 2 nights accommodation (Fan room with CR)
  • 6 Meals each ( 2 Dinner, 2 Lunch, 2 Breakfast)
  • Visit at the Lighthouse
  • Boat for Island Hopping
  • Tour at the Bakwitan Cave
  • Free transpo via motorbike including pick up from Carles Port
  • Boat back to Estancia Port

NOTE: If you’re in a group, you will be able to avail their packages for a much lower price. The more you are in a group, the lower the prices of the packages.

For more information and detailed review about this Inn, check out: www.taraletsanywhere.com

where to eat seafoods in the philippines

Tour starts at Day 1 in the afternoon and the First Stop is:

The Lighthouse

things to do in gigantes island  The lighthouse in gigantes

Isn’t it relaxing to have a Coffee in this place?


LRM_EXPORT_20180128_120619-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_120523-01

3 in 1 Coffee and Milo cost 15 pesos each

LRM_EXPORT_20180128_120436-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_120446-01

Once you get back from the lighthouse and still have some spare time before dinner, you can roam around the island and visit their mangroves.

Located just in front of Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn.

LRM_EXPORT_20180128_120728-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_120756-01


LRM_EXPORT_20180128_120751-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_120802-01

DAY 2:


Call time for the start of island hopping is at 9:00 AM. Make sure to have your breakfast early to avoid delay and have more time to swim and explore.

Island Hopping (tour at the 5 islands):

  • Pulupandan Island – Beautiful rock formations
  • Tanke Lagoon – Cliff diving
  • Cabugao Gamay – Overview of the island
  • Bantigue Sandbar – skipped this since it was high tide when we came
  • Antonia Beach – Snorkeling and Swimming, offers the famous PISO per SCALLOP.

Pulupandan Island


LRM_EXPORT_20180128_120820-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_120738-01

Tanke Lagoon


LRM_EXPORT_20180128_120911-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_120932-01

Cabugao Gamay


LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121025-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121002-01

Antonia Beach


LRM_EXPORT_20180128_120922-01  15

Island hopping ends at around 1:00 PM and you will be given a choice on where to have lunch. Either:LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121036-01

  1. At the floating cottage of the 2nd branch of Gigantes hideaway tourist inn located at a separate island or
  2. Head back to main to be able to wash up and prepare for your next destination

We chose to head back and eat at the main branch but at the same time visit the 2nd branch of Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn just to see how it is. We used the spare time to rest before proceeding on our next tour.



The Bakwitan Cave


LRM_EXPORT_20180128_120951-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121235-01

LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121207-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121212-01

Difficulty: 3/5

Not advisable to Children as well as Seniors, it can be very slippery especially when it rained making it harder for them to balance and pull themselves up.

After exploring the cave, it seems like its still too early for us to settle and rest. We still have a little more energy for an extra tour.

We are a sucker for sunsets by the beach and really wanted to experience it here in Gigantes Island.

Our guide suggested the best view of their sunset (not included in the tour), and it is at:

Granada Port


LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121136-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121120-01

Crushed shells and corals are mixed with its sand.

LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121241-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121147-01  14

Clouds are meeting the sea. Sky is reflecting on waters.

Too bad Mr. Sun was shy when we came. But still, this view is OUTSTANDING.

Highly recommended to end your day in this area.

DAY 3:


Departure from Gigantes Island to Estancia Port is as early as 8:00 AM. We opted to leave at this time to be able to arrive earlier and still have time to relax and swim in Guimaras.


To get to Guimaras from Gigantes Island:

  • Boat ride to Estancia Port
  • Tricycle to Van Terminal going back to Iloilo
  • Taxi to Ortiz Wharf (Jeepney not advisable due to its frequency)

Once you’ve been dropped off, register and pay for the boat fare going to Guimaras Island.LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121142-01

As soon as you arrive, make sure to register at the tourism office. From there, you can ask the staff for a ride going to your chosen accommodation.

  • Tricycle drivers are usually waiting for the travelers’ to arrive at the tourism office that is why it wont be hard for you to find a ride.

The driver will immediately offer you packages for your tour around the island.

Always check the price before agreeing

During our ride to the hotel, our driver was kind enough to offer a stopover to Jordan Municipal Hall and Small Plaza for FREE even though we haven’t confirmed yet our tour.

Jordan Municipal Hall


The Smallest Plaza

LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121152-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121218-01

His contact number is:

We availed his offer of 1200 pesos which includes:

  • Tricycle ride to all your desired destination in the island
    • 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    • Good for 4 pax
    • Ride back to Jordan Wharf

Make sure to make the most out of the offer of Unlimited Places to Visit. We were able to have a spare time to plan the list of places to visit on the following day. Finalize everything before proceeding.

Raymen Beach Resort

  • Contact Number: 09185207271 or 09275605107
  • Contact Person: Ms. Ma. Fe or Ms. Jesil
  • Website : http://www.raymenresort.com/

Reservations are available at their website.

LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121404-01  11

For a detailed review about this resort, check out : www.budgetbiyahera.com

DAY 4:


Start your tour early to be able to visit all your desired destinations around the island without the rush. Give the driver some time to rest as well. Not all roads in this area are straight, most of it is very bumpy.

  • Places we chose to visit in Guimaras: (Use the free flyer from tourism office as your guide)
    • Guisi Lighthouse
    • Trappist Monastery
    • National Mango Research Center
    • Guimaras Plaza
    • Museo De Guimaras
    • Mango Market
    • San Lorenzo Wind Farm
    • Navalas Church
    • Roca Encantada
    • Pitstop
    • Holy Family Hills

Guisi Lighthouse

LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121340-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121335-01LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121414-01LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121331-01  8

  • No entrance fee only donations

Trappist Monastery



  • Offers souvenirs to take home

National Mango Research Center


LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121400-01  18

  • No entrance fee
  • Take a look and explore hundreds of mango trees

Guimaras Plaza


  • Take a picture in this giant mango located at the plaza

Museo De Guimaras


  • Under Renovation when we came

Mango Market


  • Shop for the best mangoes in the Philippines!

San Lorenzo Wind Farm

LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121537-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121310-01

  • No entrance fee

Navalas Church


Roca Encantada


LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121523-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121518-01

  • Entrance Fee – 50 pesos each



  • Get a taste of the famous MANGO PIZZA
    • 245 pesos – double
    • 385 pesos – family
    • 459 pesos – 12″ square
    • 480 pesos – 14″

Holy Family Hills


  • No entrance fee – donation only

After the tour, you will be taken either back to your hotel or at Jordan Wharf. We planned to head back to Iloilo City to prepare for our last day tour.

Make sure you have a hotel/airbnb reservation ready as soon as you arrived in Iloilo. We stayed at:

Highway 21

Once you’ve settled in your hotel and have enough energy for a side trip like us.

Go and visit the Museo De Iloilo,  eat the famous La Paz Batchoy at Lapaz Public Market and try the coffee and cakes of Madge Cafe. It is very easy to access and just near the hotel.

Museo Iloilo


LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121643-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121738-01

  • Entrance Fee – 50 pesos each

La Paz Batchoy at Netong’s


  • Located inside La Paz Public Market
  • Mega Bowl costs 120 pesos each

Madge Cafe

2  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121612-01

  • Offers cakes from the famous Calea in Bacolod

Iloilo River Esplanade


Photo from: www.traveltothephilippines.info
  • Was not able to take some pictures but here’s a great shot from traveltothephilippines

Perfect way to end your exhausting day, a relaxing walk around this area will truly take your tiredness away.

DAY 5:


Last day of this itinerary includes a tour around Iloilo. For having limited time before our flight back to Manila, we were able to come up with this easy, do it yourself trip that will surely fit in half of your day.

First stop,

The Molo Plaza and Molo Church

LRM_EXPORT_20180128_121749-01LRM_EXPORT_20180128_122021-01  Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

  • From highway 21: Ride a jeepney going to Molo – Signboard: VILLA
  • Ask the driver to drop you off at MOLO CHURCH
  • Molo Plaza is just beside the church

The Molo Mansion


  • Just across Molo Plaza
  • Has a cafe that offers different Iloilo dishes and delicacies

Kap Ising’s Molo

pancit molo

Photo from: flavoursofiloilo.blogspot.com
  • Was not able to take pictures due to our excitement to taste this dis
  • This restaurant serves the best home made molo soup in town

Camina Balay nga Bato


LRM_EXPORT_20180128_122011-01  LRM_EXPORT_20180128_122004-01

  • From Kap Ising’s : walk to the main road and ride a jeepney going to Santo Domingo -Signboard: JARO CPU – ask the driver to drop you off at Balay nga bato
  • Entrance fee inclusive of tour and TSOKOLATE – 150 pesos each
  • Also offers Buffet meals but with minimum pax
  • Souvenirs can also be bought here

Jaro Cathedral and Jaro Belfry



  • From Camina Balay nga Bato – Ride a jeepney going to Jaro Plaza – Signboard: JARO CPU – Other side of the road

Other places you can visit in Iloilo:

  • San Joaquin Church and Cemetery
  • Miagao Church
  • San Jose Church
  • Calle Real
  • Arroyo Fountain and Provincial Capitol
  • Lizares Mansion
  • Casa Mariquit
  • Nelly’s Garden
  • Sanson-Montinola Antillian House
  • Garin Farm

Ended our DIY Travel to GIG by eating our lunch at Jo’s Chicken Inato – one of the best chicken inasal restaurant in Iloilo City.

A few minute taxi ride to the Airport and we bid goodbye to this beautiful town.

There are so many places you can visit in the province of Iloilo that are definitely worth coming back for! Looking forward to your own GIG Travel Adventures soon! Make sure to share it with us too!




  • 4. 25am- Arrival at ILOILO
  • 4.50am – Taxi ride to Ceres Bus Terminal – 270
  • 5.40am – First trip aircon bus to Carles Port – 205 each
  • 9.30am – Arrival at Bancal Port
    • Meet up with Darius – Contact Person for Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn
    • Paid environmental fee – 75 each
    • Boat charge 80 each
  • 9.45am – Boat going to Carles Port
  • 11.05am – Arrival at Carles Port
  • 11.17am – Habal habal ride to the resort Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn
  • 11.30am – Checkin package all in – 3665 each
  • 12.30nn – 3.30pm – Rest and prepare for depart to Lighthouse
  • 3.30pm – 4.30pm – Tour and have coffe at The Lighthouse
    • Coffee and milo cost – 30 pesos each
  • 4.45pm – Back at hotel
  • 4.45pm – 5.45pm- Roam around the island – Visit the Mangoves
  • 7: 30pm – Dinner
  • 9pm – Rest


  • 6.00am – Wake up and prepare for breakfast
  • 7.00am – Breakfast
  • 9.00am – Start of Island Hopping 5 islands
  • 1.30pm – Back at the resort to eat lunch
  • 2.30pm – Depart to Bakwitan Cave
  • 2.35pm – Trek/Hike to Cave and explore
  • 3.05pm – Back at the hotel to prepare for sunset watching -40 tip for Bakwitan guide
  • 4.00pm – Depart to Granada Port
    • Stopover for merienda at Talanasa Eatery 145 w/guide
  • 4.45pm – Granada Port – 200 pesos (2 pax to and from hotel)
    • Explore the sandbar and watch the sunset
  • 6.00pm – Back at the hotel to wash up and rest before dinner
  • 6.50pm – Dinner
  • 9:00pm – Rest


  • 6.00am – Wake up and prepare for depart
  • 7.00am – Breakfast and check out
  • 8.00am – Depart to Port going to Estancia
  • 8.10am – Arrived at the Port- 40 tip for guide
  • 9.00am – Travel to Estancia Port
  • 10.40am – Tricycle to Terminal – 15 pesos each
  • 11.20am – Travel to Iloilo Tagbak Terminal –  150 pesos each
  • 2.15pm – Lunch and snacks for baon – 300 pesos for 2 pax
  • 3.00 pm- Taxi to Ortiz Wharf – 180 pesos for 2 pax
  • 3.40pm – Register and boat ride to Guimaras – 14 pesos each
  • 4.00pm – Arrival at Guimaras
    • Register at tourism office
  • 4.05pm – Travel to Raymen Beach Resort – 250 pesos good for 4pax
    • Stopover at Jordan municipal and Small plaza
  • 5.00pm – Checked in – 1423 pesos good for 2 pax
  • 5.30pm – Swim and picture taking
  • 8.00pm – Dinner – 465 pesos good for 2pax
  • 9:00pm – Rest


  • 6.00am – Wake up and prepare for depart
  • 6.45am- Breakfast – 85 pesos each
    • Check out from hotel
  • 7.45am – Depart to Guisi Lighthouse
  • 9.00am – Trappist Monastery
    • Buy pasalubong
  • 9.30am – National Mango Research Center
  • 10.00am – Museo de Guimaras – give more time if open
  • 10.10am – Mango Market
  • 10.40am – San Lorenzo Wind Farm
  • 11.20am – Navalas Church
  • 11.40am – Roca Encantada – 50 pesos each
  • 12.00nn – Lunch at Pitstop – 747 pesos good for 3pax (with guide)
  • 1.20pm – Holy Family Hills
  • 2.00pm – Back at Jordan wharf – 1200 pesos for whole tour w/ guide tip
  • 2.30pm – Arrival at Ortiz Wharf
    • Boat Ride – 14 pesos each
    • Taxi to highway 21 – 86 pesos for 2 pax
  • 2.50pm – Check in – 1331 pesos good for 2 pax
  • 4.00pm – Depart and Immerse in Museo de Iloilo
    • Jeepney – 8 pesos each
    • Entrance fee-50pesos each
  • 5.00pm – Foodtrip at Lapaz public market
    • Netong’s Lapaz batchoy – 120 pesos each
    • Madge Cafe – 100 pesos each
  • 6:00pm – Depart and Relax at Iloilo Esplanade
    • Jeepney – 8 pesos each
    • Walk until you reach Iloilo Esplanade
  • 9:00pm – Rest


  • 8:00AM – Jeepney ride to Molo -8 pesos each
  • 8:30AM – Visit Molo Church and Molo plaza
  • 9:00AM – The Molo Mansion
    • Opens at 10:00AM
  • 9:30AM – Walk and eat breakfast at Kap Ising’s Molo – Use Google Maps
  • 10:00 AM – Jeepney to Camina Balay nga Bato – 8 pesos each
    • Entrance Fee-150 pesos each with tour and free tsokolate
  • 11:00 AM – Tour and get a taste of their tsokolate
  • 11:30 NN – Arrival at Jaro Cathedral and Jaro Belfry
    • Taxi (in a rush) – 120 pesos for 2 pax
  • 12:00 NN -check out from hotel
  • 12:30nn- Taxu to Jo’s Chicken Inato – 130 pesos for 2 pax
  • 1:00pm- Lunch – 400 pesos for 2pax
  • 2:00pm – Head to airport
  • 4:10pm – Flight back to manila
  • 5:20pm – Arrival in Manila

Total Expenses : 8498.5 pesos each – when traveling in couple

Includes : all fees, food and accommodations
Excludes : Airfare


Hope this helps!

Feel free to comment down your inquiries!

Go and have your own adventures at GIG now!


Take a risk, go to an adventure

Till our next,

Doc and Cah

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Why you should set foot on this hidden cove in Bataan? (DIY to AUSPINA ECO RESORT Guide)

These days people often search for the perfect beach where they can relax and enjoy the great calm of nature after several months of work.

Bataan is one of the provinces near metro manila where you can enjoy the beauty of the Philippine Beach without having to drive for longer hours.

best beaches near metro manila

Let’s be honest, its been quite hard nowadays to find the perfect secluded beach without too much crowd and emptied pockets.

Luckily, we were able to find this gem hidden across Bagac, Bataan.


bagac bataan beach resort


Hiding from all the crowd and located just 15 kilometers away from Bagac town, this environmental-friendly Bataan beach resort guarantees your relaxation without breaking the bank.

It has been declared as a fish sanctuary and sea grass reserve which assures to become the healthy home of these marine species in the future.

Secluded beach in the philippines

Catching the sunset by this beach will immediately wipe your stresses away.

best sunset beaches in the world

What’s more great? All their staffs are kind and very accommodating. They do their best to guide and help all the customers in need.




  • via Private Vehicle:

It can be easily searched using Waze or Google Maps. Just input Auspina Eco Beach or De Lasalle School Looc / Jaime Hilario Integrated School (very near Auspina). From La salle, you will see signs leading you to the resort.

WE HIGHLY SUGGEST to contact Auspina staff once you’ve arrived at the bus drop off point in Gov. J.J. Linao National Road.

La salle Bagac – Bus drop off point

How to get to bagac bataan

The roads from here to the resort are steep and bumpy. Cliff driving at its finest. Make sure you are a professional driver if you plan on driving without a guide.

  • Via Commute:

— Ride a bus going to Balanga from Cubao or Manila Bus terminals.

Bus lines going to Balanga, Bataan:

  1. Bataan Transit – has both Cubao and Manila Terminals
  2. Genesis Bus – has both Cubao and Avenida Terminals

— From Balanga, look for the bus going to Mariveles and ask the driver to drop you off at Lasalle Bagac

— Once you’ve arrived at the drop off point make sure that you were able to contact the Auspina staff to pick you up. Since the signals here are very weak, it will be hard for you to contact them immediately.

cheap beach resorts in bataan




The resort has a variety of accommodations depending on your budget.

If you are a budget traveler like us and don’t want to splurge so much money on rooms, then you might want to try “Overnight Camping by the beach” which costs only 250 pesos/person (with own tent and inclusive of entrance fee). 

Camping sites near metro manila

If you do not have a tent to bring, they also offer tent rental which costs 350 pesos/person(inclusive of entrance fee).

We suggest to bring your own food (you can use the grill for free), this will help lessen your expenses and avoid spending too much at the resort.

Campsite Philippines

Day Tour: from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

  • Entrance Fee – 300 pesos/pax
  • Small open sided cottage – 1500 pesos
  • Shaded Pergola – 1000 pesos

Overnight Tour: From 12:30 NN to 11:30 AM

  • Basic Half Cottage no CR -3,000 pesos for 3 pax
  • Basic Full Cottage no CR – 5,000 pesos for 6 pax
  • Family Cottage w/ CR –  7,000 pesos for 6 to 8 pax with breakfast
  • Honeymoon Cottages w/ CR – 6,000 pesos for 2 to 3 pax with breakfast
  • Deluxe Half Cottage – 3,000 pesos for 2 to 3 pax
    • Add 1000 pesos/pax for full set of meals (breakfast,lunch and dinner)
    • Add 500 pesos/ pax for Children’s full set meals
  • Deluxe Full Cottage – 5,000 pesos for 6 pax
    • Add 1000 pesos/pax for full set of meals (breakfast,lunch and dinner)
    • Add 500 pesos/ pax for Children’s full set meals
  • Candle Light Romantic Floating dinner for two to four pax – check their menu for meals cost

bataan resorts

Group Packages: From 12:30 NN to 11:30 AM

  • Group Package 1 (10-12 pax) – 1,500 pesos/pax
    • Pick up and drop off from Looc Beach
    • Entrance fee
    • Welcome Drink
    • Drinking Water
    • Accommodation ( 2 cottages with four rooms)
    • Bonfire
    • Breakfast
  • Group Package 2 (20-24 pax) – 1,700 pesos/pax
    • Pick up and drop off from Looc Beach
    • Entrance fee
    • Welcome Drink
    • Drinking Water
    • Accommodation ( 3 cottages with six rooms) + 1 six-man tent
    • Videoke
    • Battle shots game
    • Bonfire
    • Breakfast
  • Half Beach Group Booking or Full Beach Group Booking – contact directly

best beaches in luzon

Cliff diving in the philippines



What makes this resort truly enjoyable is their wide range of activities. If you get bored like us with just swimming, you might want to hop on a boat and go cliff diving (ask an auspina staff to arrange it for you). 

Island Hopping philippines

Cliff diving near metro manila

Other activities to try:

  • Floating cottage  – 300 pesos/hour or 1,500/full day
  • ​Snorkeling – Rental costs 100 pesos/hour
  • Bamboo Raft for access to the swimming area
  • Single kayak – 200 pesos per hour
  • Double kayak – 400 pesos per hour
  • Paddle boat for 3 to 4 persons – 400 pesos per hour
  • Large fishing boat – 1250 pesos per hour
  • Air Sofa beds – 100 pesos an hour
  • Quad bike riding – 350 pesos a half hour
  • Bonfire – 400 pesos

Bonfire by the beach ph

Team building near metro manila




Reservations are suggested since they limit the number of visitors per day to avoid the beach being too crowded.

Bataan Beach resorts

Being one with nature can truly help in its recovery and make it bloom in the FUTURE.

Barkada getaway near metro manila

Go and have your own adventures at Auspina Eco Resort now!

Take a risk, Go to an adventure
Be a responsible traveler

Doc & Cah

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5 Eye-catching features the FORGET ME NOT CAFE have that will always make you remember it!

Do you find yourself looking for a cafe where you can dine and sometimes do your work items without hearing so much noise? or maybe just play board games while hanging out with your friends? Then check this one out!


affordable coffee shops in manila

We went to this Cafe in Lilac Marikina while searching for a place to have our work lunch. It was listed as Top 3 at the 8 Restaurants that are worth the visit in Marikina. Want to know why?

Here are the 5 eye-catching features we have discovered when we visited:

The ” FORGET ME NOT CAFE ” in Lilac Marikina 


1. An Instagrammable Interior

Cafe in Lilac Marikina

  • Fresh and cool tones with a hint of warmness can be seen as soon as you enter the cafe. Lots of beautiful artworks placed on the walls that will surely brighten up any mood.


Art cafe in the philippines

restaurant in lilac marikina

Every corner will definitely shout at you as instagrammable.

2. Mouth Watering Entrees

restaurant in lilac marikina


  • As soon as you look at the menu, your eyes will immediately focus on their entrees. Scrumptious meals range from 175 to 285 pesos each.

Marikina Food Trip

Servings are massive. Tastes are phenomenal. Definitely worth the price!

3. High Selection of Cakes

best cakes in manila

  • This cafe offers a great variety of cakes which are all baked by them. They suggest to look at the displays since almost all the time they offer new flavors that are not on the menu.

Instagrammable cafe in Lilac Marikina

Beware: You might get torn at picking and end up trying all the flavors as soon as you look at their attractive display. Say goodbye to money.

4. Affordable Coffee

affordable coffee shops in the philippines


  • A cafe would not truly be a cafe without some delicious coffees. In here, they have Espresso drinks both served either hot or cold as well as Milkshakes and Ice Blended (saw a BEER on the menu too!)

Refer to the photo below for the Price List:

Best Cafe in the Philippines

5. FREE Use of Books and Board games

themed cafe in manila


  • YES! You’ve read it right, its FREE!
  • No need to buy their products with a minimum amount for each person before being able to use their books and board games.
  • Just a reminder to always put it back properly and at the same place where you took it.

Forget me not Cafe in Marikina

Forget me not cafe PROMOS:


Lilac Marikina map

Recently, they launched their VIP card which costs 300 pesos and offers the following discounts:

  • 15% off on the total bill every visit
  • A free Americano whenever you dine in
  • Free meal for your Birthday MONTH which can be redeemed more than once (as long as there are 3 dining guests)

Coffee shops in

Forget me not Cafe – Contact Details:

  • Contact number: (02) 238 5021
  • Address: Hacienda Heights, Marikina, 24 Lilac St, Conception, Marikina, 1811 Metro Manila
  • Hours Open:
    • Monday to Thursday – 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
    • Friday to Sunday – 7:00 AM to 12:00 AM

Forget me not cafe in marikina


For a cafe and DIY travel guide to other Philippine provinces, See also:

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Till our next adventures!

Doc and Cah

DIY Travel: Banaue + BATAD + Bontoc + SAGADA + Baguio (5D4N Itinerary and Expenses)

Are we the only ones who get confused on where to go? Especially when the options are all beauties? We think not!

Whenever there are holidays, most families in the Philippines immediately opted to go to cold temperature places due to the heat here in the Metro. Included at the top list of provinces with cool climate are:


Since we always wanted to go on side trips, why not include a visit to the beautiful BATAD rice terraces as well as have a quick hop off at BONTOC church.

Ready for some adventures? Get ready for a very detailed 5-day travel guide. Let’s GO!

  • Day 1 Manila-Banaue-Batad
  • Day 2 Batad-Banaue-Bontoc-Sagada
  • Day 3 Sagada
  • Day 4 Sagada-Baguio
  • Day 5 Baguio-Manila
  • Full Itinerary + Expenses
  • Tips

Day 1:



There are buses going directly to Batad. You have to drop off first at Banaue and ride a jeepney going to Batad. We rode:

  • OHAYAMI Bus line at A H Lacson Ave, Sampaloc, Manila
    • Daily Bus Schedule: 10:00PM – approximately 9 hours to Banaue

We advise you to reserve your ticket beforehand especially when going on a friday due to the high amount of travelers visiting the province.

Once we arrived at Banaue, we were asked to pay the environmental fee.

Hopped on a jeepney for free (included in the bus fare) to Halfway Lodge and Restaurant (which offers travel tours as well) to fill our tummies.

banaue hotel

While having our delicious breakfast, we were already offered packages for different places in Banaue. But what we really wanted to see was the BATAD RICE TERRACES, ended up joining other travelers.

    • a jeepney ride to Batad
    • a Guide to and back from Batad Rice Terraces
    • a Sidetrip to Tappiyah Falls

You can also ride the local jeepney that travels from Banaue to Batad Saddle Point (both in the morning and afternoon).


After an hour of bumpy jeepney ride, we were dropped off at the start of Batad Trail until we reached the Batad Viewpoint.

batad itinerary

We were asked to checked in first to where we were going to stay for the night before proceeding with the tour.

  • Unfortunately, Ramon’s Guesthouse which is very famous and recommended by a lot of bloggers was already full.

We had to look for another guesthouse to stay and luckily we found the perfect place:

Settled our belongings and had a quick lunch before finally going on the tour.


As we walk around the terraces, our guide started telling us Batad rice terraces’ history. Stories and historical information on how suddenly travelers discovered the beauty of Batad.

  • Always a plus to hear and discover new things as you pass by a new place.

batad trail

Note: Never forget to be ALERT especially on your safety whenever walking through terraces to avoid any chances of falling.
New found friends who came from different parts of the world

how to go to banaue

Stopped by a souvenir shop to check out the antiques made by the locals. Feel free to look around, appreciate or even bring home some of their good stuff.

cordillera province

Few more treks plus sweats before finally reaching the top, overlooking the whole Batad. The view as well as the cold breeze were too overwhelming. It reminded us of all our realizations in your life. haha! What a perfect combination!

Beautiful. Can we just stay here for much longer?

batad rice terraces history

Best ph destinations

TIME CHECK! we had to go down and proceed with our tour before it gets dark. Our guide told us that the situation going to our next destination TAPPIYA FALLS was quite unstable due to the weather.

For those who were still willing to go can go, but those who didn’t want to, can stay at the waiting area.

Since we’re already here and its one of our goals to see the falls, we’ve decided to proceed with the tour.


how to get to tappiya falls

To be honest, the trek here was very exhausting! Especially going back up the waiting area. But looking at our smiles, you can see that everything was truly WORTH IT!

Went back to the transient and rested before taking a cold bath. A VERY COLD BATH.

Had some delicious dinner before heading to Ramon’s Guesthouse  where everyone’s welcome to witness and join their TRADITIONAL DANCE PRESENTATION and BONFIRE.

NOTE: We suggest not to skip this part even when you’re tired from a whole day of trekking. This will give you feels of the true warm tradition and culture of IGOROTS living in BATAD.

where to stay in batad

Day 2:


Woke up by the relaxing chirps of birds and the excitement of seeing the perfect sunrise in Batad. It rarely happens that you see a view of the terraces as soon as you open your eyes.

Philippine Rice Terraces

Rice Terraces of Philippine Cordillera

Very lucky to have the best view from where we stayed. Full plate of breakfast on a cool bright morning. Highly recommended that you stay for at least a night to be able to experience the best of Batad.

What a way to end our Batad Adventures

Prepared for depart and immediately trekked back to the Saddle point. It is suggested to come as early as 9:00 am since the public jeepney leaves at around 9:30 in the morning.

banaue to batad saddle point

First time to ride TOP LOAD STYLE! Truly an enjoyable experience! Having the full view of the mountains while transporting like a local. Try it!

banaue ifugao


Arrived at Banaue and searched for the location of BANAUE MUSEUM to check out and learn more about their culture. A visit here will help you understand and discover the history of the place as well as its people.


Note: No taking of pictures when inside the museum!


Walked to the public transport going to Bontoc. There’s an FX that goes directly to Sagada but we were not quite sure of the time and location, it wouldn’t hurt to do a little side trip right? So Let’s go to Bontoc!

  • You can ask the driver for a stop over at Banaue Rice Terraces viewpoint (as long as you they agreed) if you want to take pictures. But for us, we were already satisfied just by seeing it along the way.

After hours of travel time, we were dropped off at the town of Bontoc to roam around, see the church and have our lunch before proceeding with our travel to Sagada.

Cathedral of All Saints –  Bontoc, Mountain Province

bontoc tourist spots

After filling our tummies, time to hop on the jeepney going to Sagada. No dull moment in traveling due to the beautiful landscapes that can be seen along the way.

bontoc mountain province

After more than an hour of bumpy ride, we finally arrived at the quiet and peaceful town of SAGADA. Its quite raining and the weather made us crave for some hot coffee. Why not start this Sagada Travel Guide and stop over at SAGADA BREW for a quick break before settling in our AIRBNB (booked for 2 nights stay as we were on our way).

Caramel Cappuccino, Cafe Latte and Blue Berry Cake

cafe in the philippines

Walking a bit far from the main land, we finally found the location of our airbnb. Immediately smelled and saw newly baked BREADS as we enter. Luckily, we were able to book the place of the famous bread maker going around Sagada!


Our kind host gave us a welcome snack of their own baked bread plus some home brewed sagada coffee to warm ourselves up.

All wood interiors with a common bathroom and kitchen. The place was very polished and truly taken care of. The host was very welcoming and accommodating.

Since we were still full from our merienda but don’t want to wake up of hunger in the middle of the night, we looked for a place to eat some snack before freshening up and ending the day.



First time to try an original greek yogurt, too sour for our palettes yet with a hint of honey, the flavor became balanced and a bit addicting! Note: Took a picture of the yoghurt’s house in the morning since the details were too dark at night.

Day 3:



Woke up early to prepare for a whole day of activities. Bought some breakfast from our host before starting our Sagada adventures. Unfortunately, we forgot to register at the tourism office when we arrived, that is why our first agenda was to register and search for the tours which will fit our preferences.

We booked for the Central ECHO VALLEY tour (HALF-DAY ONLY) which consists of a visit and a guide at the following: (Joined 2 other travelers: 600 pesos – 4 pax)

  • St. Mary the Virgin Church
  • Sagada’s Cemetery
  • Echo Valley
  • Hanging Coffins
  • Underground River
  • Bokong Falls (Small Falls)
  • Sagada Weaving.
NOTE: This is a full walkatour around the center of Sagada and it is advised to not be too noisy nor take pictures when not stated by the guide to avoid disrespecting their ancestors and of course the tradition. AVOID THROWING YOUR TRASHES ANYWHERE. BE A RESPONSIBLE TRAVELER.

The Church of St. Mary the Virgin

The Sagada Anglican Cemetery

sagada blog

The Echo Valley

echo valley in sagada

Beautiful landscapes along the way

sagada itinerary

The Hanging Coffins of Sagada

how to go to hanging coffins

Underground River

Sagada Weaving

philippine culture

Skipped the Bokong Falls since it is currently used as a place for offering to the ancestors.

  • Our guide said that there was a recent incident wherein a tourist had been behaving badly during the tour and suddenly saying lots of bad words very loudly to other people. It was said that the tourist might got possessed by bad spirits in the forest due to its misbehaving attitude while on tour that is why they needed to offer to them.
We all do not know the real reason but its better to just follow the rules especially when you enter an unfamiliar place to avoid such bad happenings.

End of Central Echo Valley Tour, we proceeded to the Public Market to buy some goods and souvenir before having our lunch at the STRAWBERRY CAFE and RESTAURANT

Tasted the best strawberry flavored yogurt in this place! Highly recommended!

Went back at the airbnb to rest for a bit and since its a DIY sometimes we do not really have any next plans on where to go, so we’ve included with our rest was finding nearby places where we can try and experience new activities as well as discover new places just by walking.

Discovered the SAGADA POTTERY from our fellow bloggers where tourists can try to make their own pots. As we were walking, we passed by our airbnb host and surprisingly she was one of the operators of the pottery business we were about to go to.

sagada itinerary

list of new things to try

Ramen bowl by Doc and Teapot base by Cah

There are lots of potteries you can take home as a souvenir, take note that the prices are a bit high due to the skills, time and effort needed in making these arts.
sagada pottery

After finishing our pottery training, we have one more place we were dying to visit before sunset. A few long walks around the mountains and finally arrived at the LAKE DANUM

sagada travel guide

We were the only ones here when we visited. The place was very quiet and peaceful. The air will sing you to sleep. Watching the calm waters while watching the sunset were again a perfect combination.

beautiful lakes in the philippines

Before walking back to our place, we stopped by the public market to buy some unique ingredients to cook for our dinner. Had a quick coffee break at CIVET CAFE then finally resting back at our airbnb.

most expensive coffee in the world


Day 4:


As early as 4:30 am, we woke up to catch the famous sunrise at the KILTEPAN PEAK. We asked our host the day before for a ride going there since it is advised to be there at around 5:00 am to catch it.

While waiting for the sun to rise, we bought some BLACK CHAMPORADO to help warm ourselves up since the air was too freezing. To think we were already wearing 3 layers of clothing, the coldness still runs through our skins.


best places to visit during summer

The sun was a bit shy. It was covered by loads of clouds yet as we look forward to it, the feeling was overwhelming. Its like a chance peeking and waiting to be grabbed.
It was indeed a GREAT MORNING in Sagada.

Departed back to our bnb and looked for quick activities to do before leaving this peaceful town. Asked our driver/guide and he offered us the SHORT COURSE CAVING TOUR(HALF-DAY) which we will join a solo traveler. The tour includes:

  • A view of the Dokiw Hanging Coffins (wasn’t able to take pictures)
  • Caving at Sumaguing
  • A visit at the Lumiang Burial Caves
You need to have strong legs and arms in doing this tour. It might be shorter than the tours with Spelunking but the activity will surely be a little physical challenge for some people. WE DO NOT SUGGEST THIS TOUR FOR THE OLD ONES AS WELL AS FOR SMALL KIDS.


Philippine Caves

Beware of slippery floors!

sagada itinerary

Lumiang Burial Cave

spelunking philippines

Actual coffins with bones inside

Headed back to our airbnb as soon as we were finished with the tour. Cooked and ate homecooked lunch before freshening up and preparing for our depart.

Walked to the bus terminal going to Baguio and bought snacks for the bus ride. After more than 6 hours of travel time, we arrived at BAGUIO CITY.

  • Stopped by Good Taste to take out our dinner which will be eaten at the airbnb (booked during our travel from Sagada to Baguio for 1 night stay) before resting for the day.
Arrived at the SWEET STAR TRANSIENT : we suggest this airbnb for big families or barkadas up to 15 pax since they have lots of room and the kitchen as well as the living room were big perfect for reunions.

where to stay in baguio

Photo from AIRBNB

Day 5:


Prepared and ate breakfast as soon as we woke up to be able to still do some activities before our check out. Rode a taxi going to BURNHAM PARK. Roam around and relaxed by the trees.

baguio travel guide

Got a taste of the famous STRAWBERRY TAHO before walking to the Public Market to BUY PASALUBONG for our loved ones left at home.

Other Places to visit in Baguio:

  • Mines View Park
  • Wright Park
  • Session Road
  • The Mansion
  • Baguio Cathedral
  • Lion’s Head
  • Bell Church
  • Bencab Museum
  • Camp John Hay

After all the walking and buying of pasalubongs, we had to get back to the transient to pack our things up and check out.

  • Rode a taxi going to the bus terminal and had a quick coffee break at the BOOK CAFE just near it.

Book Cafe Under the Tree

Photo from: heyladyspring

Now time to head back to reality, rode a bus going straight to MANILA. Hello again work! 

Bye for now! BANAUE-BATAD-BONTOC-SAGADA-BAGUIO! See you again soon!


DAY 0:

  • 10:15 PM – Departure from Manila – 450 pesos each

DAY 1:

  • 7:30 AM – Arrival at Banaue – Free jeepney to tourism office
    • Tourism Office Environmental Fee – 50 pesos each
  • 8:00 AM – Breakfast at Halfway Lodge – 120 pesos each w/ coffee
  • 9:30 AM – Jeepney to Batad – Joiners
    • Package: 800 pesos each w/ guide to Batad rice terraces and Tappiyah Falls
  • 10:30 AM – Arrival at Batad Saddle Point
  • 10:45 AM to 11:30 AM – Trek to Batad Viewpoint
  • 11:30 AM to 12:00 NN – Picture taking, Check in and drop things at transient
    • Batad Transient House – 250 pesos/night per pax
  • 12:00NN to 1:00PM – Lunch – 170 pesos each (BIG SERVINGS! good for 2)
  • 1:00PM to 4:30PM – Start of tour
    • Batad Rice Terraces
    • Tappiyah Falls
  • 4:45PM to 6:30PM – Fix things, Rest, Take a bath
  • 6:30PM to 7:30PM – Dinner (170 pesos good for 2) – 85 pesos each
  • 7:30PM to 9:00PM – Traditional Dance Presentation c/o Ramon’s Guesthouse
    • BONFIRE with co-travelers
  • 9:00PM – Lights off

DAY 2:

  • 6:30AM – Wake up and see the beautiful view of Batad
  • 7:30AM to 8:00AM – Breakfast (170 pesos good for 2) – 85 pesos each
  • 8:30AM – Prepare for depart and check out
  • 8:30AM to 9:15AM – Trek to Public Jeepney going to Banaue
  • 9:45AM to 10:45AM – Top Load ride to Banaue – 150 pesos each
  • 10:45AM to 11:30AM – Banaue Museum
    • Entrance Fee – 50 pesos each
  • 11:45AM to 1:00PM – Van/FX Ride to Bontoc – 200 pesos each
  • 1:00PM to 2:30PM – Roam around Bontoc
    • Church of All Saints
    • Lunch at the Drop By Cafe – 140 pesos each
  • 2:45PM to 3:50PM – Jeepney to Sagada – 40 pesos each
  • 4:00PM to 4:40PM – Coffe at Sagada Brew – 350 pesos good for 2 – 175 each
  • 5:00PM – Arrival at BNB on the hill, Rest
    • AIRBNB 2 nights: 2091 pesos – 1045.5 pesos each
  • 8:00PM – Dinner/Snack at Yoghurt’s House – 90 pesos each
  • 9:15PM – Back at the airbnb
  • 10:00PM – Lights off

DAY 3:

  • 6:30AM – Wake up, have breakfast and prepare for depart
  • 7:30AM to 8:30AM – Walk and register at the tourism office
    • Registration Fee – 35 pesos each
    • Central Echo Valley tour package – 150 pesos each
  • 8:30AM to 11:00AM – Central Echo Valley Tour
    • St. Mary the Virgin Church
    • Sagada’s Cemetery
    • Echo Valley
    • Hanging Coffins
    • Underground River
    • Bokong Falls (Small Falls)
    • Sagada Weaving
  • 11:30AM to 12:20NN – Lunch
    • Strawberry Cafe and Restaurant – 380 pesos – 190 pesos each
  • 12:30 to 1:00PM – Back at airbnb, rest, freshen up, prepare for depart
  • 1:00PM to 1:30PM – Walk to Sagada Pottery
  • 1:30PM to 2:30PM – Sagada Pottery Training, Souvenir hunting
    • 100 pesos each for registration
    • 100 pesos each for hands-on training
  • 2:30PM to 3:15PM – Walk to Lake Danum
  • 3:15PM to 4:15PM – Bond, relax, watch the calm water of Lake Danum
    • Watch the sunset if you have a ride back to downtown
  • 4:15PM to 5:15PM – Walk back to downtown sagada
  • 5:30PM – Coffee break at Civet Cafe – 150 pesos for 2 – 75 pesos each
  • 5:45PM to 6:15PM – Shopping at Public Market-home cooked dinner -100 pesos each
  • 6:30PM – Back at the airbnb, Cook and eat dinner
  • 8:00PM – Lights off

DAY 4:

  • 4:30AM – Wake up and prepare for depart
  • 4:50PM to 5:15AM – Travel to Kiltepan Peak – 150 pesos each
    • Breakfast – Black Champorado – 50 pesos each
  • 6:00AM – Watch the sunrise
  • 7:00AM – Back at the airbnb and prepare for depart to next stop
  • 7:30AM to 10:00AM – Short Course Caving Tour Package-850 for 3
    • 283 pesos each
    • Dokiw Hanging Coffins
    • Sumaguing Cave
    • Lumiang Burial Cave
  • 10:00AM to 11:00AM – Early Lunch, prepare things for check out
  • 12:00NN – Checked out. Walk to Bus Terminal.
  • 1:00PM to 6:30PM – Bus Ride to Baguio – 220 pesos each
  • 7:00PM – Take out dinner from GOOD TASTE-125 pesos each
  • 7:30PM – Arrival at Sweet Star Transient
    • AIRBNB 1 night: 1000 pesos for 2 – 500 pesos each
    • Taxi ride – 80 pesos for 2 – 40 pesos each
  • 8:00PM – Dinner
  • 9:00PM – Lights off

DAY 5:

  • 7:30AM – Wake up, Have Breakfast and Prepare for depart
  • 9:00AM – Roam around Burnham Park
    • Taxi – 70 pesos – 35 pesos each
  • 10:00AM – Pasalubong buying at Public Market
  • 11:40AM – Back at airbnb – 75 pesos – 37.5 pesos each
  • 11:50AM – Check out and travel to bus terminal
  • 12:00NN to 12:40NN – Coffee and tea break
    • Book Cafe – 220 pesos – 110 pesos each
  • 1:30PM – Bus ride to Manila – 500 pesos each
  • 7:30PM – Back in Manila

Total expenses: 6,616 pesos each ALL IN

for 5 Days and 4 Nights!!!

Expenses depend on your preferences. We don’t usually keep ourselves from buying lots of foods. We believe that its better to always fill up and taste newly discovered foods whenever we visit new places.


  • Bring snacks and own tumbler. Sometimes airbnb hosts provide mineral water for their guests. This will lessen your expenses on water and food.
  • Make use of GOOGLE MAPS. We used this most of the time when we do walkatours. It will save you some travel expense and make you see hidden places along the way.
  • Wear proper attire. Especially in February, Mountain Province can be very cold and one jacket may not be enough. Make sure to always be prepared and research.
  • Pack Light. Since you are going to do a DIY, we recommend you to bring just one backpack and one small body bag for your valuables.
  • Bring extra money but stick to the budget. Emergency funds are usually used for sudden price change of activities and packages.


Feel free to ask and comment about this DIY Travel! We hope that this guide can help you in exploring the beautiful Mountain Province. Never be afraid to try and discover new things, you may not know what might surprise you.

See you on our next adventures!


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DIY Budget Travel Guide: Bacolod-Silay-Talisay-Murcia-Sagay (DETAILED Itinerary + Expenses)

Negros is the fourth largest island in the Philippines that is found in the western part of Visayas. It is a province that offers great sceneries, long stretch of sand bars, aquamarine colored waters, interesting museums, super fresh seafoods and of course their famous juicy CHICKEN INASAL ( chicken barbeque).

best beaches in the philippines

  • After researching about Negros, we’ve decided that it is the perfect place to explore as a celebration of our 4th year anniversary.
  • Since there are lots of spots to visit , we cut our trip and planned to explore the Northern part only of Negros for our first visit.



DAY 1:

Flight to Bacolod, The Chicken Inasal, Murcia, Mambukal Resort, Seven Falls, Sulfur Pool, Peaceful Seafood Dinner


We were very lucky to be able to book a flight at Philippine Airlines for just 3006 pesos all in, back and forth for both of us. We took the flight going to Bacolod Province scheduled at 8am in the morning.

philippine airport

philippine airlines

philippine airlines

Best part of riding an airplane?

  • The Perfect View👍👍👍

most affordable places in the philippines

After flight being delayed for almost an hour, we were able to arrive at Silay airport at around 10:30 am. We immediately asked for the van going to Bacolod City to try out their famous CHICKEN INASAL for lunch.


Chicken Inasal is a type of barbeque with the perfect balance of flavors that comes with certain juiciness. It is eaten with rice topped with chicken oil that has a very distinct taste making it so addicting.

Where to eat chicken inasal:

MANOKAN COUNTRY is the best place to eat when it comes to inasal. It is said that if you want to taste the original, then you should definitely stop by and eat here.

best chicken inasal in the philippines

We chose Aida’s Chicken, just because we’ve seen a lot of people wanting to eat here. They offer almost all kinds of chicken parts from head to feet plus the so called ISAW(intestine).

bacolod province

best chicken inasal in bacolod

There’s something about its taste that makes you want to come back for more! No, seriously!👌

After filling ourselves, we rode a jeepney going to Libertad to ride a bus heading to the town of Murcia.

  • Bus Travel time is about 1 and a half to 2 hours

Take note that ordinary or no aircon buses are the only safe available transport when going to Murcia, make sure to bring with you water and snacks.

bacolod region

  • Relaxing views along the way

Unfortunately they dont have any available rooms for overnight when we arrived because of a government team building occupying it all. So they suggested if we wanted to just sleep at the rooms available outside the resort.

It is safe plus we can still enter the resort as much as we want. This is an adventure anyway, so why not?😊

After we settled in our room, rested for a bit, changed our clothes, we quickly went inside the resort and asked the guards for a habal habal ride and a guide going to the Seven Falls.

  • Bad news: the entrance to the first to six falls were closed when we visited. That is why we have to ride a habal habal directly to the Seventh Falls. 😐






mambukal falls

how to get to mambukal resort

mambukal resort map

Anddddd, here we are!❤ 

mambukal falls

mambukal falls

You can have a quick dip according to our guide since the water are safe.💦

  • Tip: Better ask the resort first if the entrance to the falls is open before planning to visit. It is best to experience it with trekking plus a Cliff Dive at the Sixth Falls.

As we were on our way back to the resort, we saw this unique looking plants. We asked the guide and he said it is an example of the HYBRID experiment of the resort. Have a look!

how to get to mambukal resort

mambukal falls

COOL right?😉

  • Mambukal is also known for its heated mineral groundwaters which came from the direct volcanic activity from MT. KANLA-ON

Mt. Kanlaon sulfur pool

Now, time for a relaxing and warm swim in the SULFUR POOL💦 

Sulfur pool Philippines

Sulfur Pools in the Ph

Beware: not all pools have the same temperature so make sure you check first if you can handle before paying the entrance fee.💆

mambukal resort villas

  1. Relaxing at Japanese Ofuro
  2. Boating in Lagoon
  3. Slide for Life
  4. Wall Climbing
  5. Canopy Walk
  6. Spa
  7. Butterfly Garden
  8. Bat Watching
  9. Visit Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto
  10. Plant shopping

A walk around the resort plus seafood(paluto) dinner at the FOOD COURT before finally ending the day.👍

mambukal contact number

Sinigang na Hipon🦐🦐🦐

Pinoy food trips

Stuffed Squid🦑🦑🦑

What to eat in mambukal

  • Take note: Make sure to bring any source of light since the resorts lighting are very poor at night. Not advisable to roam around pass 6pm



Day 2:

Old and New Sagay, Panal Reef, Carbin Reef, Sandbars, Snorkeling to Giant Clams, Suyac Island Mangrove, Unique Sagay Dinner

Early morning at Mambukal, we checked out and walked through the resort until we reached the bus station going back to Bacolod City.

  • As soon as we reached the city terminal, we asked for the bus going to SAGAY, and we were told to ride the 2 point bus going to ESCALANTE.

Ceres Bus Terminal Bacolod

After a 2-hour bus ride, we finally arrived at the city of SAGAY. Rode a tricycle going to our accommodation “BALAY KAUSWAGAN“. A city government owned establishment that offers a safe accommodation for travelers as well as a venue for special events.

Sagay City officials

Sagay City Officials

We were too early for check in but we dont want to waste time and wait. Gladly, the receptionist offered and said that we can leave some of our things so we can proceed to our next activity.

Took a tricycle just outside the hotel going to SAGAY PORT to finally start the island hopping.

Beach resorts Ph

Boat rental in Carbin Reef Sagay

Rented a boat and snorkeling materials plus attended a quick safety orientation before heading to the islands/reefs.

  • Boat rental is good for 6 persons.

Best Beaches to visit this summer


First stop, it is one of the other options if you want to visit a sandbar with lesser people. More chances of taking good pictures since it has a watchtower overlooking the whole reef.

Best Sandbars in the Philippines

Philippine Islands


Too bad when we came it was high tide, so we werent able to take pictures of the sandbar. But in return got some great clear water and blue sky shots!

 No need to edit! Wonderfully made💑

Swimming spots in Ph

Best Sand Bars in the Ph

Philippine Waters

Look how clear that is!!!🌊👍☀

Second stop, one of the most visited reefs sandbar in SAGAY. Whether it is high or low tide you will be able to experience the beauty of its sandbar! Also, you can snorkel just near here to see the GIANT CLAMS.

Best Beaches with sandbars in Ph

Carbin Reef Philippines

You can never go wrong with that fine sand and shells as the sandbar. We were very lucky that we visited not in peak season, its like we rented the whole reef!❤

Best Beaches in the Ph

Sagay City Carbin Reef

Sagay city carbin reef

Last Stop, an eco tourism project of the city of Sagay focused on sustainable development of our nature. Consists of different mangroves plus they offer cottages whenever you feel like staying for the night.

  • Tip 1: Best time to visit is when the waters are high so that you can swim and mangrove paddle. 
  • Tip 2: Meals are not readily available but if you want, you can ask the locals in advance to reserve and cook foods for you or just bring your own.

legend of sagay city

Sagay city tourist attraction



sagay city tourist attraction

Mangroves in the Philippines

Suyac Mangrove

  • Interesting reminders. 👍

What to do in Sagay

  • Sample Cottage where you can stay

Where to stay in Negros

  • Swimming spots – these are full of waters when high tide

Mangroves in Sagay City

List of Places to visit in Visayas

Largest Mangroves in the Philippines

After immersing ourselves in nature, its time to head back to the port,  take a shower and check in at our hotel before looking for a place to eat dinner.🍽

A quick tricycle ride from the hotel to one of the famous eateries in Sagay.

Transportation in the Philippines

What to eat in Sagay

  • Kinilaw na Tanigue
  • (Local Seaweed)
  • Beef chuchu

Full and satisfied, headed back to the hotel and was able to roam around and watch happy kids going swimming before LIGHTS OFF.

Resorts in Negros




Day 3:

Sagay Garden, The Legendary Siete and Under the Tree Cafe, Veloria’s Squid Rings, Chimei’s Restaurant, O Hotel Bacolod City, The Ruins, Intimate Dinner with Live Jazz Band

Waking up with the peaceful chirps of birds, we prepared and rode a tricycle going to The Legendary Siete to see the famous Train no. 7 and Under the Tree Cafe (a simple stores of instant coffees and snacks but situated under the trees of Sagay City Public Plaza)  to have our breakfast as well.

Old Sagay Plaza

Instagrammable spots in the Ph

The Legendary Siete

Also called the Train no. 7 and was considered as the “world’s most incredible steam survivor” by an author named Colin Grant. Used to carry lumber and logs of the Insular Lumber Company in the 1900s.

Legend of Sagay City

Instagrammable spots in Visayas

After drinking our coffees and taking as many pictures as we can of the beautiful plaza and Siete, we rode a tricycle back to our hotel to freshen up. Since our next destination was quite near to our accommodation, we opted to walk going to Lady Circle garden and Living Tree Museum while enjoying the beautiful landscape of Sagay.

  • Entrance fee – 5 pesos

Philippine Beaches and Mountains


Lady Circle Garden and Living Tree Museum

also known as Sagay City Garden and now named for the Sagay Ladies Circle which is an association of women in Sagay with different professions and businesses. Establishing a healthy garden to preserve the beauty and give relaxation to the families and tourists of the city.

Tourist Spots in Sagay

Garden Museum in the Ph

One of the famous delicacies that most tourists buy in Sagay is the Squid Rings from Veloria’s.

  • We were very intrigued on what difference it has from the common squid rings in other parts of the Philippines.

Immediately rode a tricycle from the garden to the Veloria’s squid rings factory to search for its secret.

Best Pasalubongs

Unfortunately, we cannot enter the production due to privacy and cleanliness of the process. But in return we get to buy pasalubongs and snacks for our travel back to Bacolod. Verdict? YOU CANNOT STOP EATING IT. That’s how good it tastes. a bit pricey though but all worth it.

Before getting back to our hotel to prepare for check out, we have a few more minutes for lunch.

  • Stopped by at Chimei’s Restaurant to try out another Sagay’s famous:
    • Sizzling SIKAD-SIKAD (Jumping Shells).

Wasn’t able to take some photos but here is the fresh sikad sikad for your reference:

Fresh seafoods in Ph

Photo not mine.

Rode a tricycle to the hotel, checked out and prepared for depart back to Bacolod City. Along the way, we were able to book a hotel, with some good reviews and quite good price.

  • O hotel – Mobile No. 0917-300-8001 / 0998-548-8440 

Bacolod City map

When we came to the hotel and settled, we rushed to prepare for depart to see The Ruins. Unfortunately, it rained and we had to wait for it to stop before leaving. As soon as the rain stopped, we are off to see the sunset and have dinner at the beautiful Ruins of Talisay.

A quick taxi ride to the jeepney terminal going to Talisay (we found out that there are also jeepneys passing by the terminal,should have rode it instead) and a unique tricycle ride from the terminal to The Ruins.

  • Entrance fee: 85 pesos each

The Ruins

Bacolod City tourist spots

Best places to visit in the Philippines

It was not in our plan to have dinner at the restaurant by the Ruins, but since it rained really hard, it made us stay until evening. We never imagined it would be the highlight of our day.

  • Having dinner together while listening to a Jazz Music and a view of the Ruins at night.

A perfect way to end an exhausting day.


Day 4:

Historical Tour , The famous Guapple Pie, 18th Pala Pala, Explored Museums, Pope John Paul II Tower, Go-Kart, Bacolod Baywalk, Bong Bong’s Pasalubong, Calea Cafe, Dinner at Pala Pala

Silay is known for its many eye catching ancestral houses. For our last day of exploring, we opted to explore the city via walkatour and jeepney/bus commute.

Its a way also for us to be able to experience the life in this province.

We immediately prepared and went to the Ceres bus terminal and rode a bus going to Silay City.

  • Dropped off to our first destination EL IDEAL BAKERY to eat some breakfast and to try their famous GUAPPLE PIE as well.

El ideal bakery silay

The inside of the bakery/restaurant was very welcoming. It feels like you went and visited the past. The Guapple Pie has a very unique taste. Not much our favorite, but their Spanish sardines and Longganisa are a must try!

While we were eating our breakfast, we decided to check the maps as well for our next destinations. With just a few walks we were able to see the SILAY PUBLIC PLAZA and the stunning structure of


Silay city tourist spots

Too bad we cannot go in since there’s a wedding ceremony currently happening when we came. Still, seeing the outside of this church made us speechless.

On to our next stop is just a few blocks away from the church and it was the BERNARDINO JALANDONI HOUSE MUSEUM:

Museums in the Ph

Also known as the PINK HOUSE,  it was the first National Historical Landmark declared in the City of Silay.

Silay CIty tourist spots

COOL, Isnt it? 

Another famous tourist spot in Silay is just a quick walkathon from San Diego Church as well,  the CINCO DE NOVIEMBRE and BALAY NEGRENSE.

Silay City History

Cinco de Noviembre also known as the “Negros Day” is an event that is celebrated every year to commemorate the Negros Revolution happened way back in our history which was told that it ended the Spanish Colonial Rule in the province.

Balay Negrense is the masion of Victor Gaston which was known for sugarcane cultivation. It was eventually abandoned and recently revived by the Negros Cultural Foundation.

Best Museums in the Philippines

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


There are articles that says BALAY NEGRENSE is one of the legit haunted houses in the Philippines. People who entered told that they felt they were being watched or suddenly a cold air breezes behind them.

Haunted houses in the Philippines

Before we head back to Bacolod City, we had to refreshed ourselves in one cafe that is quite known and endorsed in most blogs.

CAFE 1925

Silay City map

The place was small, good for 10 to 15 persons only. But the ambiance was just so relaxing. I cannot remember the exact price of our coffee but if I’m not mistaken it is around 100 pesos only.


  • Holifena Ancestral House
  • Maria Ledesma Gomez Heritage Bldg
  • Manuel De La Rama Locsin House
  • Kapitan Mariano Ancestral House
  • Tinagong Dagat

We have some spare time before lunch and there’s a famous seafood restaurant in Bacolod City we wanted to try. Rode a jeepney and walked until we reached the           18th PALA PALA RESTAURANT.

  • Very affordable seafoods awaited us at this resto plus we even picked how we wanted it to be cooked! Perfect for our craving tummies!Bacolod city restaurants

After being very full from the delicious seafoods of 18th pala pala, we walked around the city and able to pass by the PROVINCIAL CAPITOL LAGOON while we are on our way to the NEGROS MUSEUM.

Best Museums to visit in the philippines

Negros Museum focuses on presenting the lifestyle and society of Negros. Inside you will be able to see their history in sugarcane industry, furnishing of ancestral houses as well as artworks of local and foreign artists living in Negros.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bonus feature: The JGM Gallery of international arts folk art and toys (not allowed to take pictures, but surely you’ll be amaze with how much toys their is coming from different parts of the world)

Furthered with the exploring, in just less than 10 minutes of walking, we arrive at our next stop. The DIZON-RAMOS MUSEUM.

Bacolod Province Museums

It may look like just an ordinary ancestral house outside, but as soon as you get inside you will see how properly their things are preserved and taken care of.

Vintage Places in the Ph

Bonus feature: They have a collection of crystal figures, keychains and maskara’s (masks) used in the famous MASSKARA FESTIVAL of BACOLOD

Ended our tour around the museum  to walk again to our next destination the POPE JOHN PAUL II TOWER but we are lucky enough to pass by  SAN SEBASTIAN CHURCH also.

San Sebastian Cathedral Bacolod

POPE JOHN PAUL II TOWER was built to commemorate the time when the late Pope John Paul II visited Bacolod City where he had given a very inspirational talk in behalf of the poor.

Papal Tower in the Philippines

We’ve decided to end the day with a beautiful sunset from the bay and its just a few walks from the Tower.

  • BACOLOD BAYWALK is quite small compared with what we have in Manila. But the sunset are as beautiful and calming.

Bacolod City tourist spots

Note: We were able to try out the go-kart in here. Perfect for people who wants a bit of challenge and activity.

Our bacolod trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting BONG BONG’S PASALUBONG. Quick taxi ride to the place and bought lots of piaya and other delicacies since everything’s so affordable.

We got exhausted with all the tours so we went back to the hotel first to rest for a bit and prepare for our dinner.

We searched for a seafood restaurant near our hotel but when we came, it seems like the restaurant is not there anymore.

  • We were eager to find it but with no progress we were surprised to reach the CALEA CAFEIt wouldn’t hurt to have DESSERTS first right?

Calea Cakes in Bacolod

Calea has a variety of cakes and coffee.

  • Price per slice ranges from 100-150 pesos only! To think the tastes are phenomenal, very worth the price!

All the sweets made us more hungry and its a bit late already, so we decided to just ride a taxi and go to the ADING’S PALA PALA to finally eat our dinner before heading back to rest and prepare for our flight in the morning.

Bacolod restaurants

Early flight, as soon as we woke up we departed the hotel at around 4 am and rode a taxi going to Silay Airport. Got back in Manila at around 9:00 am in the morning with a hangover of our adventures in Negros.

It was a very exhausting 5 days exploration yet full of fun in Northern Negros. One of the best commute travel we’ve done so far. It made us really immerse into the culture and be like a local as we talk to everyone. Can’t wait to have more adventures like this again soon! We’ll be back for MASSKARA FESTIVAL for sure! See you again next time Negros!

Photo from: ExperienceNegros.com



Day 1:

  • 9:00 am – 10:30 am : Flight to Silay Airport – 3006 pesos
  • 10:45 am – 11:15 am : Shuttle to Bacolod – 300 pesos
  • 11:30 am – 12:30 nn: Lunch at Manokan Country304 pesos
  • 12:40 nn – 12:55 nn : Jeepney to Bus terminal going to Murcia – 14 pesos
  • 1:00 pm – 2:50 pm : Ordinary Bus to Murcia – 70 pesos
  • 3:00 pm : Paid entrance fee at Mambukal Resort100 pesos
  • 3:15 pm : Free habal habal then checked in – 1500 pesos
  • 3:40 pm : Prepared and rode a habal habal to Seventh Falls300 pesos
  • 4:30 pm : Back from the falls. – Guide Fee – 200 pesos
  • 4:30 pm : 5:30 pm : Swam at Sulfur Pool – Entrance Fee – 100 pesos
  • 6:00 pm : 7:00 pm : Dinner – 480 pesos
  • 8:00 pm : Back at the hotel
  • 9:00 pm : Lights Off

Day 2:

  • 6:30 am : Woke up and checked out
  • 7:00 am – 8:45 am : Bus back to Bacolod – 70 pesos
  • 8:45 am – 9:00 am : Taxi to Ceres Bus Terminal – 120 pesos
  • 9:00 am – 9:30 am : Grocery – 220 pesos 
  • 9:30 am – 11:30 am : Bus to Sagay – 254 pesos
  • 11:30 am – 11:45 am : Tricycle to Balay Kauswagan20 pesos
  • 12:00 nn – 12:20 nn : Tricycle to Old Sagay Port – 100 pesos
  • 12:30 nn – 3:30 pm : Rented a boat, Island Hopping3100 pesos(good for 8pax)
  • 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm : Washed up
  • 4:30 pm – 4:35 pm : Pedicab to tricycle terminal – 20 pesos
  • 4:35 pm – 4:50 pm : Tricycle back to hotel – 70 pesos
  • 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm : Tricycle ride to Resto, Dinner time – 440 pesos
  • 6:30 pm – 6:45 pm : Tricycle back to hotel – 20 pesos
  • 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm : Roam around the hotel
  • 9:00 pm – Lights Off

Day 3:

  • 6:00 am – 7:00 am : Wake up and prepare for depart to explore Sagay
  • 7:00 am – 7:30 am : Tricycle to New Sagay Plaza20 pesos
  • 7:30 am – 8:30 am : Had Coffee and Explored The Legendary Siete30 pesos
  • 8:30 am – 9:00 am : Tricycle back to hotel, Freshen up – 20 pesos
  • 9:00 am – 9:10 am : Walk to the Sagay City Garden (Lady Circle)
  • 9:10 am – 10:00 am : Explore and Relax at the Garden – 10 pesos
  • 10:00 am – 10:20 am : Tricycle to Veloria’s Squid Rings30 pesos
  • 10:20 am – 10:40 am : Buy Pasalubongs300 pesos(optional)
  • 10:40 am  – 10:55 am : Pedicab to Tricycle terminal – 10 pesos
  • 10:55 am – 11:10 am : Tricycle to Chimei’s Restaurant20 pesos
  • 11:10 am – 12:00 nn : Lunch at Chimei’s – 449 pesos
  • 12:00 nn – 12:15 nn : Tricycle back to hotel – 20 pesos
  • 12:20 nn : Check out – 800 pesos good for 3 pax room
  • 12:30 nn – 12:50 nn : Tricycle to Ceres bus terminal – 20 pesos
  • 1:00 pm – 2:50 pm : Travel from Sagay back to Bacolod – 254 pesos
  • 2:50 pm – 3:10 pm : Taxi going to O hotel120 pesos
  • 3:10 pm : Check in – 3104 good for 2 pax for 3Days2Nights
  • 3:10 pm – 3:45 pm : Rest, merienda and prepare for depart – 310 pesos(optional)
  • 3:45 pm – 4:00 pm : Jeepney to tricycle terminal going to The Ruins – 20 pesos
  • 4:00 pm – 4:10 pm : Tricycle ride going to THE RUINS40 pesos
  • 4:10 pm – 5:30 pm : Explore the ruins – 190 pesos entrance fee for 2 pax
  • 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm : Dinner – 560 pesos
  • 7:10 pm – 7:25 pm : Tricycle going to Jeep terminal – 100 pesos
  • 7:30 pm – 7:55 pm : Jeepney going to area near O hotel – 20 pesos
  • 9:00 pm : Lights off

Day 4:

  • 6:00 am – 7:00 am : Wake up and prepare for depart
  • 7:00 am – 7:10 am : Jeepney to Ceres bus terminal – 14 pesos
  • 7:10 am – 7:45 am : Aircon Bus to Silay – 30 pesos
  • 7:45 am – 8:15 am : Breakfast at EL IDEAL BAKERY300 pesos
  • 8:15 am – 8:30 am : Walk to Silay Plaza and San Diego Cathedral
  • 8:45 am – 9:00 am : Walk to Bernardino Jalandino House
  • 9:00 am – 9:45 am : Explore the House Museum – 100 pesos-entrance
  • 9:45 am – 9:55 am  : Walk to Cinco De Noviembre 
  • 9:55 am – 10:00 am : Walk to Balay Negrense
  • 10:00 am – 10:30 am : Have a tour of the house museum – 80 pesos for 2pax
  • 10:30 am  – 10:35 am : Walk to Cafe 1925
  • 10:35 am – 10:50 am : Coffee at Cafe 1925 – 200 pesos
  • 10:50 am – 11:00 am : Walk to Main Road and wait for bus/jeep to bacolod
  • 11:00 am – 11:30 am : Jeepney back to Bacolod – 30 pesos
  • 11:30 am – 11:45 am : Walk to 18th pala pala
  • 11:45 am – 12:45 nn : Seafood Feast at 18th pala pala500 pesos
  • 12:45 nn – 1:10 pm : Walk to Negros Museum pass by Provincial Lagoon
  • 1:10 pm – 1:40 pm : Explore the museum – 200 pesos for 2pax
  • 1:40 pm – 1:50 pm : Walk to Dizon Ramos Museum
  • 1:50 pm – 2:10 pm : Explore the Museum – 80 pesos for 2pax
  • 2:10 pm – 2:20 pm : Walk and visit San Sebastian Cathedral 
  • 2:30 pm – 2:45 pm : Walk to Pope John Paul II Tower
  • 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm : Explore the Papal Tower – 40 pesos for 2pax
  • 3:45 pm – 3:50 pm : Walk to Bacolod Baywalk
  • 3:55 pm – 5:10 pm : Go-Kart and Explore – 200 pesos
  • 5:20 pm – 5:40 pm : Watch the sunset
  • 5:40 pm – 5:50 pm : Taxi to Bong Bong’s Pasalubong (taxi waited) – 120 pesos
  • 5:50 pm – 6:00 pm : Quick Pasalubong buying – 300 pesos
  • 6:00 pm – 6:10 pm : Travel back to hotel
  • 6:30 pm – Prepared for depart to have dinner
  • 6:30 pm – 6:50 pm : Travel to Calea – 14 pesos
  • 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm : Coffee and Cakes date at Calea 400 pesos
  • 7:30 pm – 7:40 pm : Taxi ride to Ading’s Pala Pala75 pesos
  • 7:40 pm – 8:30 pm : Dinner at Palapala – 500 pesos
  • 8:40 pm – 8:50 pm : Taxi Back to hotel – 80 pesos
  • 9:30 pm – Lights Off

Day 5 :

  • 4:00 am – 4:30 am : Wake up and prepare for depart
  • 4:30 am – 5:00 am : Taxi from hotel to Silay airport – 270 pesos
  • 5:10 am – Checked in and Paid Terminal Fee – 400 pesos for 2 pax
  • 5:20 am – 6:40 am – Rest until flight
  • 6:50 am – 8:10 am – Flight back to Manila

TOTAL EXPENSES : 15,695 pesos for 2 pax – excluding meals (your choice if you want lower priced meals to avoid overspending)

15695 divided by 2 = 7847.5 PESOS PER PAX

(Includes all entrance fees, hotel accommodation and travel expenses for 5D4N)


There are still lots of places to explore in Negros. We suggest that you maximize the use of mobile apps like Google Mapsbecause sometimes you really don’t need transportation to be able to explore a city. Strong Legs, Phone, Stamina, Alertness and Eagerness to see hidden treasures will be your driving force in your exploration.

Feel free to contact us or comment for your questions and suggestions!

Adventures with docah in Bacolod

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Take a risk, Go to an adventure!


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  • Cebu province is one of the most visited provinces in the Philippines because of its white beaches, long stretch of sandbars, hidden falls, churches and of course, the gentle giants (whale sharks).

things to do south cebu

  • We only had 4 days and 4 nights to explore Cebu. With quite low budget, we still wanted to be able to experience what Cebu has to offer.
  • We decided to cut our trip and focus on either North or South Cebu, both including a tour at Cebu City.
  • After all the researches, we finalized to start at the SOUTH for our first adventures in Cebu.

DAY 0:



Promo seats are always a hit especially for people with DIY travels. There are lots of airlines going to Cebu and we were lucky to be able to book a PISO fare at AIR ASIA PHILIPPINES.

Unfortunately, our flight was delayed for 4 hours due to the weather in Manila. At around 9:30 pm, we finally arrived at Mactan Cebu International Airport.

cebu province

  • We immediately went to the taxi stand to go and check in to our hotel.

Cebu tour package

Beware, the lines are really long especially on a friday night

  • Arrived at our hotel. Put our bags down as soon as we can then rode the same taxi to eat our dinner at LARSIAN.

Best bbq in the philippines

where to eat in cebu

  • LARSIAN is a famous food dining market in Cebu City. It has different types of Ihaw Ihaw ( BBQ ) which gives a very distinct yummy taste.
  • You can also order seafoods and ask them to make a soup for you.

Larsian Cebu

  • Our dinner wouldnt be complete without trying PUSO rice.👌 

cebu foodtripOnly cost – 3 pesos per puso.

DAY 1:


Woke up as early as 5:00 am to prepare for depart to Kawasan Falls.

TIP: We rented a van so we can fit all of places we wanted to visit in one day plus make our last stop at Oslob in preparation for our day 2 adventures.

  • Sidetrip to BADIAN CHURCH (St. James Parish) before going directly to kawasan.

how to go to kawasan falls

 The church was currently being repaired when we visited that is why we werent able to see the beauty of the inside.

  • After arriving at the drop off point, we asked for a guide and started trekking to the falls.

how to get to kawasan falls

You will never get bored nor tired of the trekking, because of all the beautiful nature scenery you will see

Kawasan Falls Map

Kawasan Falls tour package

kawasan falls room rate

how to get to kawasan falls

Half-way we were asked if we wanted to rent a life vest since the water in the falls are very deep. If you’re confident with your swimming skills you can skip renting.


Kawasan Falls CanyoneeringMy photo did not gave its height any justice

  • But as you can see the size of the people near the falls is just about 1/8 or less of the falls.

Kawasan Falls canyoneering

Foods here are quite pricey, we suggest to bring packed lunch to avoid breaking the bank

Best Falls in the Philippines

Kawasan Falls Canyoneering

cebu philippines

CAUTION: Always check the top of the falls for people who are about to jump because it is included in the Kawasan Falls CANYONEERING adventure.

  • We werent able to try it, it is temporary closed when we came

Went back to our van to go to our next destination. We were lucky enough to visit our driver’s house that was just along the way.

  • He let us change our clothes and even gave us a tour of his huge house.

South Cebu roadtripTo think this is his backyard. Just WOW!

Continued with our travel and stopped at the beautiful ALEGRIA PARK.

things to do in south cebu

Saint Francis Xavier Parish Church and The Baluarte

Churches in the Philippines

Alegria Park

alegria cebu tourist spots

Cebu Roadtrip

  • Time to relax and dip on our next destination.


Hot Springs in the Philippines

  • It consists of different hot springs depending on the temperature.
  • Range: from 36 to 44 degrees Celsius. 

Mainit Springs

  • From the springs, we trek a bit further to be able to visit the SEVEN FALLS (a series of falls from 1 or the nearest to 7 or the farthest)

Wasn’t able to take a picture of the falls but it was truly a great experience.

Falls in the Philippines

Best hot springs in the philippines

TIP: Bring drinking water to neutralize your body temperature after relaxing at the spring

Hidden Springs ph

Dont skip drinking fresh buko juice for only 25 pesos!👌

On to our next stop:


South Cebu roadtrip

  • It will be quite hard getting to this beauty. First is a habal habal ride (motorcycle ride) from the drop off point to where the trekking starts. Quite scary, I swear
  • Trekking down the falls was easy but coming back up? I  dont think so! So be prepared!

unknown falls in the philippines


Top 10 falls in the philippines

Its almost sunset when we arrived at SANTANDER. A few minutes of sight-seeing before finally heading to OSLOB.

Beaches in South Cebu

BLUE WATERS, hearing the splash of waves, watching the sunset. Great way to end our day 1 adventure

We went first to the PUBLIC MARKET to buy ingredients for our dinner since the hotel that we are checking in allows the use of their kitchen.

  • Sinigang na Hipon
  • Ensaladang talong
  • Piniritong Blue Marlin
  • Lots of rice
  • And of course, CEBU LECHON

Thank you chef DOC for preparing it for us!

DAY 2 :


Woke up very early for our next adventure, had a quick coffee by the beach before going to TANAW-AN and swim with the gentle giants.


Beautiful Mornings at L&M Hearthstones Lodge

south cebu beaches

Oslob cebu hotels

oslob cebu itinerary

  • After minutes of multicab ride while enjoying the morning view as our breakfast. We arrived and immediately registered at Tanawan.

South cebu roadtrip

  • A quick orientation about swimming with the whale sharks is one of the very important things to keep in mind to avoid disturbing the gentle giants.

What to do in oslob cebu

Unfortunately, the photos when we were swimming with the whale sharks had been overwritten

oslob cebu whale shark

Oslob Cebu itinerary

  • NOTE: There are only one comfort room each for men and women and people usually go to the bathroom after swimming, so expect a long line before you can use it.

TUMALOG FALLS was not on our list of places to visit, we have visited a lot of Falls on our first day and didn’t really prioritize it on our 2nd day.

But hey its DIY, why not change our plan! 

Dropped off from our van, and rode a habal habal to reach the falls.

  • One person only can ride per habal habal.
  • Make sure to remember the NUMBER of the habal-habal for they will also fetch you.

Tumalog Falls blog

south cebu tour package

what to do in oslob cebu

Best Falls in the Philippines

Oslob cebu tour package

  • They also offer FISH SPA in here, what’s greater than that? Its FREE!!!

Went back to the hotel and swam at the beach for a bit before washing ourselves up and eating our late breakfast, then time for check out.

  • Waited for a bus going to DALAGUETE (nearer to our next destinations) to check in to our next hotel and drop our bags before continuing to our adventure.
  • A quick bus ride from Dalaguete to visit the peaceful town of:



things to do in south cebu

boljoon cebu tourist spots

Old churches in the Philippines

Boljoon Church

DID YOU KNOW? Almost all the old churches in Cebu used egg whites to stick its walls and foundation?

Boljoon Church also offers a museum and archeological site, no taking of pictures though, you will have to pay a fee for museum and church’s maintenance.


Museums in the Philippines

Noljoon cebu tourist spots

History of cebu

  • The museum has real gold plated artifacts, parish clothing and old structures of saints.

Sadly, they said that some gold plated artifacts was stolen and never seen again.


Other places to visit in Boljoon:


Boljoon Tourist spots


South cebu itinerary

boljoon cebu tourist attractions


South Cebu map


Boljoon Beach


Boljoon beach

Best beaches in the Philippines

  • Said goodbye to BOLJOON!

Headed back to the hotel and ate some good food at THE GAZEBO before resting for the day.



Catching the sunrise was never easy especially when you have to ride a motorcycle up a hill and trek until you reach the peak.

  • Woke up at around 4:30am and rode a habal-habal to the drop off point of Osmeña Peak.
  • 4 people in one motorcyle? Yes yes it is possible. Great thing we have outstanding views to distract us.😉

osmena peak trekking

  • Registered and paid the necessary fee before proceeding with the trek.
  • The Guide fee depends on the travellers budget or generosity

osmena peak entrance fee

osmena peak sunrise

Unfortunately, the sun has risen even before we started the trek. On a positive side, we were able to see nature at its finest.  


osmena peak camping

osmena peak height

osmena peak trekking

osmena peak budget

TIP: Wear sandals or shoes when trekking. Slippers can be very slippery especially when going up the peaks.


Not your typical spring that is hot , this one is very COLD.

dalaguete cebu tourist attractions

Cold springs in the philippines

Top hidden springs ph

Very clear water perfect for underwater shots

List of hidden springs in the philippines

south cebu itinerary

hidden spots in the philippines

beautiful destinations in the ph

Checked out from our hotel and rode a bus and habal-habal going to SIMALA CHURCH

  • Please wear proper attire since you are visiting a church. Do not wear shorts and sleeveless shirts


how to go to simala church

Unbelievably beautiful structure

 Perfect White Castle written with WE LOVE MAMA MARY

simala church visiting hours

simala church history

simala church mass schedule

Beautiful churches in the philippines

  • Different colored candles symbolizing:
    • Family
    • Health
    • Wealth, etc.

how to go to simala church

Top beautiful churches in the world

SIDE TRIP to Lechon Capital of Cebu, CARCAR City.

  • Its past lunch time when we arrived and what’s more exciting to eat than the original Lechon Cebu.
  • Once you hit the market you will see different shops selling lechon. You can eat at karenderyas with an additional payment of 10pesos/head.



carcar heritage

what to do in carcar

carcar dispensary

carcar cebu tourist spots

Beautiful churches in the philippines

DAY 4:



  • HOTEL STELLA – Don Gil Garcia St, Cebu City, Cebu
    • Contact number: (032) 238 5050
    • Cebu city tour package for 6 persons (with van) – good for 4 hours


cebu city tour package

magellan's cross cebu

cebu city blogcebu city map

beautiful churches in the world

  • In front of the church

cebu city map

cebu city tour

cebu city tourist spots

  • Art Gallery inside the Fort San Pedro

art gallery in the ph

fort san pedro art gallery

cebu city philippines point of interest

what to do in cebu city

cebu city tour packageflights to cebu city

tourist spots in the philippines